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Lotic generates high-quality data tools and interpretations necessary to inform science-based decision-making in public policy development and natural resource management. With a small and responsive staff of engineers and scientists, we provide technical expertise, water resource engineering services, and a firm commitment to scientific problem solving. Our goal is to help clients implement strategies that protect diverse water uses while maintaining high levels of environmental quality and contributing to the long-term stewardship of water resources.

we care

Our firm employs a small, responsive staff focused on exceeding client expectations and meeting project budgets. As a client-focused business, we build our resume and reputation by forging long-term partnerships with our clients. We work independently or collaboratively to implement various phases of natural resource project management, including: problem identification, environmental data collection and management; quantitative data analysis; synthesis of results; and technical reporting.

we deliver

Lotic boasts a diverse technical skill set, strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, and a broad knowledge base for considering the multi-faceted nature of natural resource management issues. Our project management capacity is demonstrated by our record of successful project completion as the lead consultant on multi-firm teams. We approach projects with the big-picture in mind and a focus on ensuring that they enjoy a wide base of public and stakeholder support.

we're creative

Many water resource projects transcend political boundaries, implicate a broad array of stakeholders, and require a thoughtful approach to partnership development and project management. We understand the multi-faceted nature of natural resource management and the fundamental importance of effective stakeholder engagement to ensuring positive project outcomes. We are practiced and effective at engaging stakeholders and presenting technical material to diverse audiences in a variety of formats.

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Seth Mason

founder, principal hydrologist

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Jessica Mason

water resources engineer

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Alex Brooks, PhD

hydrologist, data scientist

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Bill Hoblitzell

watershed scientist

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Tim Covino, PhD

associate, hydrologist


Will Wicherski

associate, geomorphologist

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