Providing clients with science based solutions for effective water resource protection, use and management.

Lotic Hydrological, LLC provides technical expertise, water resource engineering services and a firm commitment to scientific problem solving when engaged in both field data collection and complex quantitative analysis. We generate superior data tools and interpretations necessary to inform science based decision-making in public policy development and natural resource management. Our goal is to help clients implement strategies that protect diverse water uses, while maintaining high levels of environmental quality and contributing to the long-term stewardship of our regional water resources.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Turning data into the meaningful information that ultimately informs important resource management decisions.

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Water Resource Planning

Helping clients optimize management of local water resources through integrated planning efforts.

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Remote Data Aquisition

Building infrastructure to characterize meteorological and hydrological conditions in remote or harsh locations.

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Field Data Collection

Gathering water quantity and quality data in support of community outreach efforts, regulatory compliance, and water resource planning.

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Stakeholder Processes

Working with diverse stakeholder groups to understand competing values and navigate difficult resource management decisions.

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GIS Analysis and Cartography

Utilizing geographic information systems to complete complex geospatial investigations and publication quality mapping products.

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